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Forecast. Germany – Italy: victory will remain for the Germans

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In general, this is a match for the first place in the group. With all due respect to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it will be difficult for them to intervene in the fight for a ticket to the quarterfinals.

Germany failed to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, so the tournament is extremely important for Andrea Gianna. What does he say if Georg Groser returned to the team for him?. All the others are also in their places: the passing Kampa, a pair of outplayers Fromm – Kaliberda plus the progressing Schott, the long-term leader in the center of the Boehme network. The roster is optimal, there are hopes that the team will perform better, because Grozer adds +100 to the confidence of partners.

Great loss in Italy – Ivan Zaitsev. The sneaker epic was never resolved, and Ivan went home. Ottomans Juantoren misses this year in the national team. So it turns out that Italy has no attack. In the diagonal, Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. Luca Vettora will most likely be, Blengini prefers to put him, and not Giulio Sabbi, and, in my opinion, this is a plus for the Germans. In the end game, a pair of Lanza – Antonov is possible. Let’s put it bluntly. It remains to hope for the genius of Simone Gianelli. Of course, the guy already has both the experience and the ability to pull out the match alone. Nevertheless, all the losses of the Italians at least equalize the chances.

Play a victory in Germany. I am sure the Germans will do everything to win, and for such a coefficient, the victory will be checked, although, of course, this is a huge risk. But there is definitely value in this bet. Let’s take a chance!

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