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10 Spanish Conquistadors Of The New World

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De Belalcázar was tried in absentia, convicted and condemned for killing Robledo and for other offenses pertaining to his involvement in the wars between armies of conquistadors. Pedro de Ursúa was killed by his subordinate Lope de Aguirre who crowned himself king while searching for El Dorado. In 1544, Lope de Aguirre and Melchor Verdugo were at the side of Peru’s first viceroy Blasco Núñez Vela, who had arrived from Spain with orders to implement the New Laws and suppress the encomiendas.

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  • Other conquistadors took over the Inca Empire after crossing the Isthmus of Panama and sailing the Pacific to northern Peru.
  • In Peru, Francisco Pizarro captured Emperor Atahualpa in the midst of an unprovoked bloodbath at Cajamarca.
  • He continued as a free conquistador with the Spaniards to fight the Mayas in Yucatán in 1540.
  • Then, after the defeat and extermination of the native societies, came the arrival of the European settler class and the appropriation of the native lands and natural resources.
  • All these conquests founded the basis for modern Hispanic America and the Hispanophone.

Michael Wood is the writer and presenter of many critically acclaimed television series, including In the Footsteps of…series. Born and educated in Manchester, Michael did postgraduate research on Anglo-Saxon history at Oxford. Since then he has made over 60 documentary films and written several best selling books. His films have centred on history, but have also included travel, politics and cultural history. Out of the debris of the past, new identities are shaped out of what is at hand, and in some magical way they carry on the encoded memories in societies and civilisations, as well as in people. At the beginning of the third millennium, the past still lives on in today’s generation, forming new worlds out of the debris of the old, and the remorseless march of history.

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Mascarenhas served as Captain-Major of the Portuguese colony of Malacca from 1525 to 1526, and as viceroy of Goa, capital of the Portuguese possessions in Asia, from 1554 until his death in 1555. He was succeeded by Francisco Barreto, who served with the title of “governor-general”. During the 1500s, the Spanish began to travel through and colonize North America

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Central Colombia, home of the Muisca was conquered by licentiate Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada, and its northern regions were explored by Rodrigo de Bastidas, Alonso de Ojeda, Juan de la Cosa, Pedro de Heredia and others. For South Western Colombia, Bolivia, and Argentina, conquistadors from Peru linked up with other conquistadors arriving more directly from the Caribbean and Río de la Plata-Paraguay respectively. All these conquests founded the basis for modern Hispanic America and the Hispanophone. The Spaniards were also skilled at breeding dogs for war, hunting and protection.

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Based on the Treaty of Tordesillas, Manuel I claimed territorial rights in the area visited by John Cabot in 1497 and 1498. Subsequently, in 1501 and 1502 the Corte-Real brothers explored and charted Greenland and the coasts of present-day Newfoundland and Labrador, claiming these lands as part of the Portuguese Empire. In 1520–1521, João Álvares Fagundes was granted donatary rights to the inner islands of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Afonso de Albuquerque set sail in April 1511 from Goa to Malacca with a force of 1,200 men and seventeen or eighteen ships. Following his capture of the city on 24 August 1511, it became a strategic base for Portuguese expansion in the East Indies; consequently the Portuguese were obliged to build a fort they named A Famosa to defend it. Earlier expeditions by Diogo Dias and Afonso de Albuquerque had explored that part of the Indian Ocean, and discovered several islands new to Europeans.

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He was later awarded an estate in Santiago; a city he would help Valdivia found. Both Alonso and Valiente tried to contact the other to make an agreement about Valiente’s manumission and send Alonso his awarded money. They were never able to reach each other and Valiente died in 1553 in the Battle of Tucapel.

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Cook and Borah of the University of California at Berkeley believe that the indigenous population in Mexico declined from 25.2 million in 1518 to 700,000 people in 1623, less than 3% of the original population. Álvaro Caminha, in Cape Verde islands, who received the land as a grant from the crown, established a colony with Jews forced to stay on São Tomé Island. Príncipe island was settled in 1500 under a similar arrangement. Attracting settlers proved difficult; however, the Jewish settlement was a success and their descendants settled many parts of Brazil. In 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral discovered Brazil, claiming it for Portugal. In 1510, Afonso de Albuquerque conquered Goa in India, Ormuz in the Persian Strait, and Malacca.

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The viceroy of New Spain Antonio de Mendoza, for whom is named the Codex Mendoza, commissioned several expeditions to explore and establish settlements in the northern lands of New Spain in 1540–42. Francisco Vázquez de Coronado reached Quivira in central Kansas. Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo explored the western coastline of Alta California in 1542–43.

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Gasca convinced Pedro de Valdivia, explorer of Chile, Alonso de Alvarado another searcher for El Dorado, and others that if he were unsuccessful, a royal fleet of 40 ships and 15,000 men was preparing to sail from Seville in June. European young men enlisted in the army because it was one way out of poverty. Catholic priests instructed the soldiers in mathematics, writing, theology, Latin, Greek, and history, and wrote letters and official documents for them. An uneducated young recruit could become a military leader, elected by their fellow professional soldiers, perhaps based on merit.

But the colonists of the Dutch West India Company in Brazil were in a constant state of siege, in spite of the presence in Recife of John Maurice of Nassau as governor. After several years of open warfare, the Dutch formally withdrew in 1661. The Portuguese took no interest in the isolated Mascarene islands. Their main African base was in Mozambique, and therefore the Portuguese navigators preferred to use the Mozambique Channel to go to India. The Comoros at the north proved to be a more practical port of call.

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If you want to answer the questions, “Who are the most famous conquistadors ever?” and “What are the names of famous conquistadors?” then you’re in the right place. The common soldiers in Pizarro’s army did well, each of them getting about 45 pounds of gold and twice that much silver from the emperor’s ransom. The men in Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes’ (1485–1547) forces in Mexico, however, did not make out nearly as well. Common soldiers wound up with a paltry 160 pesos of gold after the King of Spain, Cortes, and the other officers had taken their cut and made various payoffs. Cortes’ men always believed that he hid massive quantities of treasure from them. These are without doubt some of history’s greatest stories and some of history’s most remarkable deeds.


They believed they were near other Spaniards in Mexico, but there was in fact 1500 miles of coast between them. They followed the coast westward, until they reached the mouth of the Mississippi River near to Galveston Island. In 1517 Francisco Hernández de Córdoba sailed from Cuba in search of slaves along the coast of Yucatán. The expedition returned to Cuba to report on the discovery of this new land. The origin of many people in mixed expeditions was not always distinguished. A conquistador was the name given to the Fifteenth-to-Seventeenth century Spanish and Portugese soldiers who conquered much of the world, most famously the Central and Southern Americas.

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These men were an assortment of disposed sons of the nobility and soldiers of fortune looking for adventure and loot. They arrived in the New World with a great technical advantage in weapons over the natives who could not stand up to steel swords, firearms, and mounted lancers. The horse was particularly terrifying to the first natives who encountered it. Mounted men were thought to be some sort of new creature, half man and half four-legged beast. Thanks to the spread of European diseases before them and advantageous use of native allies on occasion, ridiculously small armies of Conquistadors conquered with relative ease the two great American civilizations, the Aztecs and the Incas.

The Aztecs

Conquistadors do not receive damage from anti-cavalry archer attacks. Add conquistador to one of your lists below, or create a new one. Both conquistadors and merchants can furnish the evidence for the traits of personality, the types of outlook, that moved the leaders of so notable an advance. In the last scene, the conquistadores appear at the mouth of the river, triumphant and by themselves.

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From 1580 to 1670 mostly, the Bandeirantes in Brazil focused on slave hunting, then from 1670 to 1750 they focused on mineral wealth. Through these expeditions and the Dutch–Portuguese War, Colonial Brazil expanded from the small limits of the Tordesilhas Line to roughly the same borders as current Brazil. In the 1690s, gold was discovered by explorers in the region that would later be called Minas Gerais in current Mato Grosso and Goiás. The Basques were fur trading, fishing cod and whaling in Terranova in 1520, and in Iceland by at least the early 17th century.

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The Portuguese encountered natives divided into several tribes. Some European countries, especially France, were also sending excursions to Brazil to extract brazilwood. Worried about the foreign incursions and hoping to find mineral riches, the Portuguese crown decided to send large missions to take possession of the land and combat the French.

The Indigenous people fought back on several occasions, but Pizarro and his brothers used violence to quell these insurrections. By invading and colonizing the New World, Spain built an empire. It amassed a great fortune on goods stolen from Indigenous people and grew to be seen as a formidable global power by murdering and enslaving inhabitants of land it desired. Those who set out to colonize the New World for Spain were known as conquistadors. At our hotels in Tenerife you can enjoy a day’s shopping in the capital, an excursion to the Teide or take in one of the different shows held on the island. Do not miss the chance to admire the beauty of this island, a unique experience thanks to its broad offer of activities.

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