Guggisberg St. Achimota Forest
Rd. West Africa, Accra-Ghana
Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00

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Join our Intercom training! We cover all aspects of system design, including installation, configuration and commissioning. Regardless of your experience in the IT world, our courses are designed to give to you the specific skills you need to install and the techniques of problem solving in the intercom business. We certify our trainees right after the training and commission them to do exploits in the field.

– Planning , Installation and maintenance of the system, Wi-Fi door bell, The Multi User Gateway for multi-tenant buildings who desire the app

Why Us

We take an unconventional learning approach ideal for anybody to freely engage in the practical install process while learning the skill. We take time even after the training to groom students with experience in the field and support whenever students have real-world installing problems they can’t face on their own. As intimidating as IT can get sometimes, one thing we are distinguished by is our response to the needs and constraints of our students. We lead you through practice until you are satisfied enough to boldly walk out and make your money with your skills. Certification is provided immediately after the training.

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