About Us

What we are

GI-Technologies is a leading information and communication technology (ICT) company that offers a comprehensive programme and expertise on repair, servicing, maintenance and cleaning of ICT equipment unmatched in the industries. We also into web development, corporate branding and Multimedia services, Software development, Database management and IT training as well as liaising with ISP to ensure consistency and uninterrupted IT service delivery.

Our Skills

Web Development
Computer Repairs
Friendly Support

Meet the Team

Henry O. Anum

Founder & CEO | Technical Consultant | Security Analyst | Network Engineer.

Divine Puplampu

Chief Operating Officer| UX Designer | Programmer | Blogger

John Good

Marketing Manager| Graphic Designer | Web Developer.

Dilys Rockson

Sales and Marketing | Grapic Designer and Concept Developer.

Why Choose Us?

GI-Technologies depends on its technically advanced next generation infrastructure to deliver best in class customer-aware and lifestyle-enhancing products and services that anticipate customers' needs. We understand that customers are on-the-go, busy and mobile and expects frictionless and seamless services. By deeply understanding the needs of customers – GI-Technologies delivers the right products and services at the right time – helping customers simplify their lives, enabling them to transact their businesses and lives easily and ensuring a WOW user-experience from start to finish. GI-Technologies delivers its promise by adopting a: a. Next Generation World Class Infrastructure, b. World Class Team, c.Efficient Processes, d. Customer Centric Services and e. Responsive Customer Care.

Who We Are

To be the world’s best and most preferred next generation services provider who passionately serve communities to help bridge the digital gab between Africa and the rest of the world.
To provide our customers with the highest possible level of service using the best available computer technologies in order to help them achieve their business and personal goals.
Information and communication technologies can be powerful tools to maintain customer and supplier relationships, explore new markets, and create systematic records of management and financial information that can be effectively utilized for internal learning as well as reporting to external stakeholders. In the fast-moving and demanding world in which we live and work, once in a rare while a company comes along that actually delivers more than it promises, exceeding the customers’ needs, beyond their expectations and imagination – A company that is dynamic, innovative and yet completely dependable. A company that raises the bar... That company is Gateway Information-Technologies. .